Highlight of the month: La planète Hamburger par Anita et Frannie

Course: Français langue 11 (2013)

Project: Vidéo du chapitre perdu du Petit Prince

La planète HAMBURGER: Extrait de la vidéo

Anita K and Frannie W published a creative video online   about the Petit Prince’s missing chapter.  Students were expected to find a social problem from today and write it into the story as a part of the Petit Prince’s trips to the planets before his arrival on Earth.  These students wrote the script, designed and created the scenery, provided the voices for the characters and filmed it along with the help of Lori W.


La discussion: Extrait du film These students presented the problem of having to have something in exchange for food; thereby subtly attacking the social problem of famine.  Please take the time to watch their incredible video (in French) and reflect on the meaning of their story.

Highlight of the month of January 2014 – Mme. Néro


Leaving Their Footprints: a blog dedicated to their creations

I am using this blog to display exceptional examples of student work in my immersion and Spanish classes.  As I am increasingly using technology in the classroom, I am finding that more and more students are creating work that should be shared with the world.  I hope that you enjoy what is found here, and can use some of their hard work as sources of inspiration for your own classes.  I am proud of what my students have created using my designs for learning criteria and turn them into their own works of virtual art.  These are examples of what Collis (2009) refers to as the footprints of how 21st century learners make use of the technology that surrounds them in their everyday lives.   I will be showcasing new work on these posts as this semester we are continuing to use the iPads in class, including digital portfolios.  A bientôt!